Author: Barbara Koren, Ana Kompara

Year: 2014-15

Mentor: prof. dr. Aleš Vodopivec, prof. Meta Hočevar, doc. mag. Anja Planišček


Location: Trzin, Slovenia


Task: Our task was to find a suitable solution for existing cultural center in Trzin.

The building was in a very bad condition, too small and unsuitable for performances and numerous visitors.


Design: Since the construction of the building was in such a bad shape, we decided to propose demolition and a new building.

The new cultural center now has appropriate hall, stage and storage. The paths of visitors and actors do not cross, entrances for visitors are organized from two important directions and actors’ paths inside the theatre are as short as possible.

The building in as compact as possible, since the surrounding small town isn’t suitable for ourstanding and enormous buildings.