Author: Barbara Koren, Simon Jemec, Anže Briški

Year: 2015

Mentor: prof. dr. Živa Deu


Location: Kozana, Slovenia


Task: Our task was to design a renovation proposal for empty and old building in a small village on west of Slovenia with strong wine and fruit tradition.


Design: The area has a strong fruit production but on the other hand the laws about hygene standards are very high. Consequently it is hard for every farmer to create an environment where he can  reproduce and sell his products by the law.

Therefore we decided to design a common kitchen where every farmer of this village or district could storage, reproduce, dry and sell their fruit.

We renovated the old house into storage, shop, degustation room and appropriately equiped kitchen and we added and extension facing the atrium in the back, where all new technical equipment and places are arranged.