Author: Barbara Koren, Simon Jemec

Year: 2015-16

Mentor: Petr Kordovský, Ladislav Vrbata


Location: Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


Task: Our task was to design a renovation proposal for abandoned café, city’s swimming pool and associated infrastructure.

We had to revitalise the building with outdated equipment and inappropriate distribution of programme.


Design: The building itself has a huge arhitectural quality and both historical and cultural value, so we decided to leave as little impact on the outlook of the building as possible.

We create three separated and yet connected programmes inside one existing building: an extended spa (outside and inside), a restaurant and a butique hotel where only a few luxury guests could be accomodeted.

Each of this parts can function on its own. Just as the complex alltogether, which can be a part of existing hotel in the valley or can work independently.