Author: Barbara Koren, Simon Jemec

Year: 2013-14

Mentor: doc. mag. Tomaž Krušec


Location: Celje, Slovenia


Task: Our task was to propose a new urbanistic plan for 90.000 m2 area in Celje and design a housing proposal.

The design was limited in depth (the area is often flooding) and in height (there is a small airport nearby).


Design: We designed a housing on big platforms, lifted from the ground for half a floor. Under the platform, a big parking place and storage for apartments is situated.

Among platforms common places are organised. On the platforms more privated place is establish, possibly with atrium or balcony for each apartment.

Platfoms are in three different type: moving from airport to the city on the east, the buildings on the platforms rise from one, two to three level block of flats.